Hesitant Dreams

brittle hearts
are what make our lives unfold
quickly, quickly we run our parts
daily grind races day by day
trying always to fit into the mold
lovely lines
with lovely meaning
poems for our hum-drum lives
like drops of diamonds in black rock
slowly, slowly we let our dreams rise up
and if they shatter our little smarts
we will be left with only
brittle hearts

Such a fine line.
Will those words ever cross the page?
With the question,
Stand the ever test of age?
A light bulb and a bright idea,
A Cybil and a tortured thought.

Such a fine line.
Between the folds of
Yours and my perplexed mind.

Such a fine line.
Do you ask to pass?
Do you have the strength,
To resist the eternal sass?
A taunting glare and a tempting offer,
A brief affair and a flirting stopper.

- Bryanna Alcantara