Ninja Anecdote

Poor ninja, unemployed (for the demand for assassinations has vanished). Now ninja is a janitor, working in the dark, flipping and maneuvering as trained, as desired, in solitude (working lonely graveyards creates cushion between ninja’s killer instinct and civilian meekness). One night while shadowing back to his lair, fly-floating as phantoms do, thru the streets & trees, the ninja notices a damsel in distress (breaking ninja’s stoic indifference for the 1st time). Ninja instantly and quickly disposes... without mercy. The savagery was over, her tears flowed no more, her eyes lit-up bright with life. Ninja becomes inspired to use the shadows for justice, fighting crime as heroes do, that is until crime ceased at night and continued only by day. Damn success. Now again, the ninja is a janitor, only now he glows.

- JJ (1981-)